• justsomegirl

Unbelievable Spots in Barcelona

Barcelona is one place that for some reason holds a tight grasp around my heart, I have experienced some of the most memorable moments of my life there like taking my sister to a concert for the first time. Everything about Barcelona is for some reason magical whether it is the simple act of walking down the streets at night with the sound of live music and people as company or whether it is the alluring attractions and sights that make it what it is I do not know, however, something about it always pulls me back and no I do not think it is the unforgettable bars and Spanish boys. Here are some places for me that make Barcelona Special;

1. Alsur Cafe - El Born

One of the many things I love about Barcelona is that it feels alive at night, with music and dancing filling the streets, while by day there is a movement to the city unlike anywhere else. Alsur Cafe is a gorgeous little restaurant that is in the middle of all of it, giving you the perfect opportunity to be a part of the Spanish atmosphere, ideal for brunch you are also just a walk away from popular boutiques, an excellent way to start the day.

2. The St Joseph Market - La Boqueria

I think that you can tell so much about a place by the local market, as you have the opportunity to try authentic and original food and commerce produced by locals. Not only that but the busy atmosphere and smells delivers an experience like non-other, really giving you a taste for Spanish life. This market has lots of different food options for reasonable prices and after there are many different Parks or cute locations that are perfect for a picnic in the sun.

3. The Aquarium, and Port Vell

The Aquarium of Barcelona is definitely a must-see, with its tropical fish and the unusual underwater plants you are instantly transported into what feels like a different world. For only 21 Euros you can get a day Pass spending your time exploring the underwater world, and take a few photos. Another benefit is that is is just beside Port Vell, so that after your day underwater you can have dinner looking out onto the breathtaking pier.

4. Cycle the streets of Barcelona

Barcelona is an enormous city but for the most part pretty flat so a great activity would be to rent a bike for the day and cycle around the streets, getting to sightsee all the great landmarks while saving on transport. If you are up to it The Bunker of Barcelona or MUHBA Turó de la Rovira has a breathtaking view especially at sunset and is only about a 30-minute cycle from the Arc de Triomf making it the ultimate destination for the end of your trip.

5. Go see some Art Galleries,

One of the things Barcelona is known for is its love of the Arts, between the music festivals, statues and Art Galleries at times Barcelona feels itself like a gallery. It is so simple to spend the morning or evening browsing through the different creative stores this city offers, even some of the jewellery stores have more of a showroom aesthetic than anything else. I suggest walking around the Rambla and Borne areas you will see so much, some of my personal favourites would be the Base Elements Urban Art Gallery, Begemot Art & Fashion Gallery and the Sala Fundacion Mapfre Casa Garriga Nogues.

These are just some suggestions of many, and honestly, this was one of the hardest things I have written because there is so much to include and so much to discover. One thing for sure though if you do visit Barcelona eat lots of food, go dancing but mostly do not plan too much because you might miss out on an adventure.