• justsomegirl

Tips on how to Keep Your Sanity

I am not saying that I have any idea how to deal with the situation happening around us nor do I know how to cope with is, however one thing I am is a good researcher and as I am stuck at home with nothing else to do I have compiled some ideas on how to make being alone a little less depressing but useful instead.

Set a Goal

No, do not set like 50 different goals unachievable and unmanageable goals, like I am going to work out every day, and eat vegan plant-based green vegetables and knit a sweater for my neighbour's bold cat. No. I did that and trust me you wear out quickly and then just get irritated that you are failing at everything. That is why it is better to succeed at one thing, for example, I have set two goals first to have my blog up and running with a youtube channel so I could hopefully do what I love and make money, second is to get healthier so that when this is all over I can enjoy the faces of the people that annoy me. Now money and being petty are strong motives for me and something that has helped me stay on track, compared to that of learning Latin that lasted all about 2 minutes.

Do something creative or different

You are going to go crazy, you are most likely stuck inside with yourself, a friend or a family member and at some point when after they ask you for the 63rd time how did you sleep you will lose it. And not the pretty kind of lose it no, more like a cartoon who has steam coming from their ears. One way I have found helps is for an hour a day do something creative, like cooking, or painting, or even learning a new trick of some sort. Something that uses a different part of your brain and brings a little more excitement to your routine, by trying to incorporate something different into your day it will add a level of excitement that will hopefully break the daily routine.

Stay in contact

We are no longer living in the 1950s, and whether or not you like alone time nobody likes this much alone time, we are social creatures and need to interact with others. So pick up the phone and call that friend you haven't spoken to in like 8 months because you forgot to answer their message and reconnect you finally have the time to so why not? Everyone is in the same boat as you so they'll understand and maybe be more open, as well I know nothing cheers me up more than face timing my friend and seeing them go from frowning at their wall to smiling just cause I took the time to call them for an hour. On a side note though when I say stay in contact I do not mean call your ex at 3 n the morning after a having few too many glasses of Pino with your mother, it will not help anything.

The main thing to remember is that you finally have the time to do everything you said you couldn't do or did not have the time for, and you might never get this opportunity again so try and make the most of it. Also, we are all in the same situation so don't sit there at 4 am alone talking to your pillow, call a friend or a therapist bu talk to someone.

It'll get better soon :)