• justsomegirl

The Problem with Ambition

Updated: May 6, 2020

People keep telling me if you ‘hustle’, and you if you work hard and keep going, you will succeed, however, if you don't have money, or people supporting you can you actually?

I had a friend who recently got suspended from her school because of financial reasons, which is understandable as schools are businesses after all, even though this one presented themselves as a family, with promises they'd support you through whatever to ensure a bright future...

However she did have the intention of returning within the month, and the principles knew this, now one of them, lets call her Mrs.B had seemed to have an issue with this student for the last year, and once the girl was suspended, she put a ban on all the students, saying how they couldn't help her nor inform her what was happening in class nor share their notes. Not only that but she banged teachers from answering any emails, and would tell students when asked why the girl wasn't in school that you ‘can't go to a 4-star restaurant expecting to eat and pay the week later’, that's not how life works.

In addition, she was considered one of the best students, this girl never got a detention, was barely late, handed homework in on time, and was always up to class activities. Now because of one woman, who did not believe in this student, and seemed to try to ensure that the student would not pass her final year, it put her whole future in jeopardy, even though the girl was full of ‘hustle’ and ‘motivation’. So I wonder, is it possible to get anywhere in life if you are going at it alone if you have enemies constantly trying to sabotage you, can you still succeed?

Now I understand, life is not meant to be easy, we are meant to go through tough times, and have to fight to get what we want, but is there a point where it is not worth fighting? Should we believe that there is a greater plan for us, that someone out there is looking out for us so we shouldn't worry, because everything will fall into place? Or are we truly on our own, should we live by the idea that we should only rely on ourselves and we will only get to where we want to be with our own motivation? and if so, if there is a Mrs.B in our lives, trying to ensure we don't succeed do we push through and show her she was wrong, or should listen to her?

See the problem with ambition is also money, unfortunately in this society you can only get so far withought financial support. Is it just me, isn't it unfair that a child in a third world country who might practice violin every day for 8 hours might only become a teacher, while a girl from the Hampton's who practices four hours might get a music scholarship, and play in an orchestra because she has the right support and connections.

I personally have had to deal with bullies my entire life, I've had to show a lot of people they were wrong about me, and have had to struggle to get to where I want to be, but naturally I do come to a point where all I can think of is, is it actually worth it? If so many people only see me as some simple girl with no future, do they have a point? I have always lived my life believing that there is one way to deal with bullies like that, do what they say you can't do, and not just do it, excel at it, and show them why they were wrong.

But I must admit it is getting tiring if so many people are trying to stop your dream and your ambitions, you become less motivated and tend to give up. Are those people doing the smart thing? Or is it worth the fight if it's your dream?