• justsomegirl

The Key to Happiness?

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

The key to happiness, well for me it definitely does not include jogging, nor does it include dieting. Recently I have been through a terrible breakup, and like every young woman after unfortunately losing the person you love and trying to figure out how to get over the stupid guy. I turned to those self-help books and websites, now a lot of them were just a bunch of never-ending sentences, with words of wisdom and including something your mother would probably say, like “no honey, it is his loss”, and obviously similar to my mothers advice I did not find it impactful, nor particularly helpful.

However one of them, “The sublet art of not giving a fuck” stated some of the most obvious facts in the world, yet somehow that paired with a large amount of swear words made sense to me. Somehow Mark Manson, saying “not everybody can be extraordinary - there are winners and losers in society..” or “ we have a limited amount of fucks to give. So you must choose your fucks wisely” resonated with me, and managed to stay with me every time I was freaking out, so that I’d hear a wise yet slightly rude mans voice telling me that I'm losing my fucks over something I shouldn't give a fuck over, so is that the key to being happy? Not caring, only choosing what we care about, and not letting it get to us? I mean it does make sense, we control our emotions to a degree, it is not our fault what happens to us in our lives, but it is our responsibility to control how we react.

If you ask my mother, the key to happiness is family and being at peace with yourself and the world, for some it might be a nice house and money, others might be exercise, even jogging. My friend bases her happiness off her relationships, and unfortunately for her whenever her relationship is failing or she's single, she cannot deal with the rest of life in general. In that case is it a possibility that our happiness is based on what we think success is? Other when we are accomplishing the goals we believe we should be achieving? Now in school, we are taught about what out ‘life priority’ list should be, they present this as the key to happiness, which I personally found extremely amusing as it was presented by a hippie American, who gets overwhelmed easily.

Anyways it stated, similarly to Will Smith, that we should be our priority and if we are happy in ourselves and put ourselves first then the rest will follow, if that's true then that's a lot of pressure put on liking myself, which for most people, myself included is very difficult, yet if that's the key to happiness can we achieve it? Does anyone truly know what the trick is to truly enjoy life? And if so do we really want to know? Or are we a society that enjoys problems and challenges?