• justsomegirl

The Fast Track to Life

Updated: May 6, 2020

This morning while making my daily coffee to have with a cigarette for the perfect ‘movie moment morning’, I started to get irritated at my old fashion steel coffee pot as it can take up to what feels like 10 minutes just to boil. I started wishing that I had used my instant Nespresso mix, which naturally led me to dream of that New instant coffee makers they sell. See that is when I caught myself, I would be taking the easy way, giving up freshly roasted coffee for instant mix just to save time, yet that is what I'd gotten used to, instant solutions just like my instant coffee. See I believe our society, in general, has gotten used to these ‘instant solutions’, a quick and easier solution to our life you could say.

We have information like Napoleon’s birthday at the touch of the bottom, we have instant coffee makers, turbo trains and planes, all to ensure we don't waste a precious second of our time. However is it possible that this has created a society with-ought patients or time value? Who needs a quick solution and answer in order to be happy? This then got me thinking about modern relationships, has our new attitude towards time and speed affected relationships? Could this be a cause for why so many relationships are failing? If there is no instant solution or quick fix to troubled solutions are we more likely to just give up? And if so, is this a healthy change? are we avoiding terrible and tragic relationships that will only end in pain, or is it just adding to the odds against a happy and long relationship? I asked around, and found two very different answers, one girl agreed, saying how she could see how it could be affecting her life, especially with friendships.

Another man took a second, but afterward started nodding his head with a slightly sad smile, ‘yes I can see that, we have created unrealistic expectations for people, and if they are not perfect we move on, yet we as people are not perfect we were never supposed to be perfect… Yes, I think you are very right”. However, a close friend of mine, had a strong reaction instantly disagreeing with my hypothesis saying how she and her current boyfriend hadn't given up, even when they were constantly arguing and ignoring each other throughout the last few months, although she couldn't deny that the relationship wasn't the same as before. Asking someone a little older, they completely agreed, saying how when they were younger if it was not working you tried your best to fix it, as divorce was truly the last option.

So I ask myself do we now just give up when it gets complicated, do we run away from the struggles of a relationship? And is that a good thing? Is it helping to avoid wasting time on someone you aren't right with or just jeopardizing your chances of finding love? Is it a good thing that when the going gets tough we run?