• justsomegirl

So What 'Sluts'

Updated: May 6, 2020

Recently I read a study that said people have an average of 8 partners in their lifetime, I personally think that is extremely low, now I have 4 very close friends, of all races, religions, and nationalities. Out of those 4, only one is under that number. And the ones who are over boast about it, enjoy it, laugh about it, its even become somewhat a competition between us, and it is a normally talked about subject.

I am not sure if it is just the culture of Mallorca that accepts the idea that younger people sleep around, since sex is easily accessible thanks to good old Magaluf, where ambitions and condoms are rare, or if it is like this in the rest of the world, is sex no longer something to be ashamed off? Yet since before the Victorian era all the way to even 2010, sleeping around was highly looked down upon, especially if you were a woman, yet now the term “Sex sells” is known to everyone, it was even brought up in my class yesterday. We have celebrities dating different people each month, we watch movies with characters sleeping together like it was nothing, so is sleeping around and being a ‘slut’ still a taboo subject? Or is it just a new part of our changing society?

The other day, in the car with my Mother, she turned to me and started talking about my ‘reputation’, this I already knew this was not going to be a conversation wanted to be present for. She started saying how she knew “I was heartbroken, and being with new guys is good, but once you get a reputation it is hard to lose, and for a young woman a reputation like that can be detrimental”, after that I stopped listening. Its true movies like “easyA” or “mean girls” taught us how important reputations can truly be, yet if so, why where I live is reputations so important but being promiscuous isn't really seen as being a bad thing, you could even go as far as saying its normal… Is this because of the part culture here?

Because clubs have been accessible to us since we were 14 years old? Or is the topic of sleeping around become less looked down on? Are we still condemned to labels or are we truly in a more liberal time? Thing is, its not only sluts that have become less talked about, thanks to social media, the idea of cheating, sleeping around and no strings attached has also in a way become less surprising and shocking, no? We've gotten so used to seeing memes about one phone for my main girl, and another of my side one, that the idea of cheating both for men and women has become a lot less of a deal then it should be. So is it thanks to social media that the younger generation no longer finds the idea of being ‘out there’ or promiscuous a big deal.

Is it now universal theme to post photos in bikinis and short shorts, are celebrities like the Kardashians helping us to love our bodies, and ourselves or are they just lessening the hate or the negativity towards ‘slutty’ women? And if so is, if our society now accepts girls sleeping around, posting sexual photos, and wearing the less amount of clothes possible, is that a good thing? Or is it potentially just ruining the girls chance of getting a relationship, because maybe the reputation of being a slut hasn't truly died?