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Priority list

Updated: May 6, 2020

Agh priorities, anyone studying A-levels will know the struggle of priorities. Is it the group of friends you have, the books looming on your desk waiting to be studied, or the new TV show you've begun and promised you’ll only watch two episodes of, though in reality, you get to season two by the next day (don’t worry we’ve all been there). I’ve really thinking recently however of what our priorities are or what they should be, as mine seem to be getting me nowhere.

Now anyone who has sat through a self-help talk has herd the line: you should be you're first priority, ha. Anyone who is under the age of 21 will most likely disagree, as school, friends, drugs, boyfriends, and family might just be higher than how you feel inside. I, unfortunately, have the terrible habit of putting myself last and instead of finding every possible activity or person to help, so I can to distract myself from dealing with the most terrifying person ever. Me.

Anyways, in school, we had a keynote speaker. Who talked about the struggle of being a refugee, and something she said stuck to me; When bombs were falling and she had seconds to run, she looked around her childhood home, and didn't take anything. She just left, even though she had the time to pack a small bag, she chose to just leave. She said this was because she was the priority, the things in her life were just that. Things. Imagine, this at the time 14-year-old girl in a matter of seconds learned something, that a large proportion of people try to learn throughout their entire life.

Another story, is about a friend. This friend, goes to a pretty expensive school. It gives her every opportunity she might need to succeed, to get better and to potentially truly make a difference in her life if she let it. Yet, she is never in school, preferring to spend her time stoned instead. Now I found this extremely frustrating at a point, as I could not understand why she wasn't grasping the opportunities laid out in front of her. Simple. She and her future was not a priority.

Isn't that interesting, how your motivation, and your drive for anything, could be all based on what your priorities are?

For example, when I was 9, I told my poor mother that she better enjoy me while she can, as I am on the halfway mark of being an adult and therefore leaving to go to university. My entire life, my main priority has been getting my own independence, leaving my family behind and finally being free to make my own choices. Now not only has this created a stubbornness inside me that drives some friends up a few walls. But it has also motivated me to deal with everything in life, in order to achieve my goal.

So by that mentality, could the key to motivation, to life, actually be the made-up priority list we have in our heads? Could some priorities, like the need to be in a relationship, or to have the most followers, or even to have everyones love and acceptance, be the cause of so much unhappiness, and discomfort in teenagers now? Is it possible that as the world has developed, so have our priorities? Is it possible that the hippies in colorful dress be right? Could making yourself the priority, potentially the key to unlocking the life you desire to have? Or should our priorities be something else life, family or how many tequila shots you can take with-ought the contents of your gut appearing on the bar floor? I mean, what is your priority? And are you happy with it?

Or could your priorities be wrong?

Comment down below what you think of priorities. Thank you for reading!