• justsomegirl

Perfect Spots for a First Date in Mallorca

We have all been there, the first dates are never easy between awkward questions and small talk, no one loves them! Especially the initial stress of where do we go or what do we do? Here is a list of restaurants and locations in Mallorca to make those difficult choices before that first date just a little easier, hopefully sparking a conversation to get the night rolling or if not, will serve a killer drink to help soften the blow of boredom.

1. Es Baluard Restaurant & Lounge, Palma

 With its breathtaking view of the Port of Palma de Mallorca and the incredible food, this mouth-watering half restaurant half  bar creates a perfect romantic yet classic location for the first date. Not only that but if you need an ice breaker, or a topic starter this restaurant is built into an art gallery allowing for different conversations if you need a little inspiration in order to get through the evening.  

The best part, in my opinion, is that you are just a stroll away from Santa Catalina, Palma’s main nightlife area which is always filled with interesting bars and people. So if it turns out to be one of those dates you are dying to dumb you are just a block away from other options...

2. Café 7Set, Palma de Mallorca

This is more for a first lunch date. Something a little more casual, as with the chic and aesthetic Spanish decor, this cafe, serving different sorts of tapas such as bread and olives with a glass (or a bottle) of white wine is an ideal spot to get to know one and other.

As well as everything else, it  is reasonably priced so there is no need to pull out the big bucks meaning you do not have to pretend to feel bad about letting him pay. After lunch, you are right in the centre of Palma, in easy access of romantic stroll areas to keep the mood of the day going.  

3. La Trencadora, Pollenca

If you are on the North Side of Mallorca there is a beautiful little Italian Restaurant that transports you from the Spanish Islands to somewhere in' Little Italy'.

Amidst an authentic vintage decor, you

will find the smell of mell of genuine

pizza and pasta cooking, there is in

my opinion, nowhere more secluded

and seductive then this restaurant.

 A perfect place to set the mood for you, hopefully helping to take some of the pressure off your potentially awkward conversation skills or a lack of table manners.

4. The restaurants of Puerto Portals 

Agh Portals, an area of Mallorca that will make anyone look uncivilised. With lavish restaurants and boutiques, there is a reason that this area is known for being a 'Mallorquin Gem'. With many exceptional restaurants,  each creating a different tone to the evening, here you could go all out treating yourselves to some fine dining,  For the more casual,  I would suggest Diablitos because there is nothing better than an understated restaurant that serves great food but at the same time allows you to get to know one and other. However, the high end Tahiti and Spoon has amazing sushi, Chameli’s in the village a favourite with locals, and finishing your evening with exceptional coffee at Cappuccinos overlooking the water is a perfect way to end your evening or meet your friends to gush about everything that happened.

5. El Pirata, Port de Soller

Something consistently mentioned about El Pirata, is the atmosphere.  It seems to have such an effect on people that it is hard to mention anything else about the restaurant! With original Spanish recipes, fresh seafood and the option to walk along the port looking out onto the ocean, this location shows a different side to Mallorca and will hopefully help show a different side of you as well. 

I know first dates are intimidating, and can sometimes be a bore, trust me I have been on a fair few myself, normally with my friends stationed around the corner with a bail plan!  However,  I know from experience, that all of these restaurants have easy escape routes,  but more importantly can help spark romance or just kick start a dying conversation, and if nothing else, provide you with delicious food and a good drink or two! Good luck!