• justsomegirl

Paradox and pain

Updated: May 6, 2020

So we all feel pain, there isn't one person on this planet who hasn't suffered something, wether it be big or small, it is still pain. What I have realised though is we all have different thresholds for pain.

To make this concept simpler, lets say you cut you're finger for some people that pain might be excruciating but for others, like a diabetic who is more used to the pain or some one who just deals with it better, withstand it better, it wont be that bad, no? Well the thing is it is the same for emotional pain, some people at some point have either become so used to it, or just learned to deal with it. Now recently I have been through a lot, and at some points the things inside of me were consuming, and unbearable even, but my best friend turned to me and said that she was so impressed, because if what had happened to me had happened to her, she would have broken into a million pieces, and I, somehow, had only cracked. She was right, see this thing that happened was truly terrible and difficult to deal with, but it wasn't that bad compared to other things that had happened in my life, at this point I was so used to situations like that it was easier. Yet for someone else, like my best friend she wouldn't know how to deal with it.

The truth is most people give up, they give up when the pain gets to intolerable the give up and give in, I am not saying I am exception of course I give up sometimes, but the thing is what I have realised is that there is something about some people that have that determination not to give in to the small things. That for some people what they consider the hardest thing ever, for another person is just a run of the mil day. And we all deal with it differently, some by shutting down, others with drinking, by running from it, ignoring it, there are so many tactics for dealing with pain, but do any of them work? People who are in pain, understand that the worst thing to hear is, “well just get over it”, that is the dumbest sentence ever, I don't believe people realise that what for them might seem so unimportant for others might be the struggle of their lives, so little tip, never say that to a person in pain.

Yet when did it become okay to be robots, Ive noticed that people only want to see a song person, flaws no longer seem to be acceptable, if some one is suffering it is okay, everyone does, so why do we now feel guilty and bad for being in pain.

The best piece of advice I ever heard was “you must let go of your past pain, your struggle, your story, because it wasn't important, your future, you're life is more important. See you cant change your past”, now why does something like that sound so simple, and have so much depth and be so difficult? why do we enjoy playing the victim card? We should be defined by our attitude towards beating our circumstances yet, why do we not take a more active role in fixing our problems? why do most people just sit there almost enjoying their pain? Is it because we enjoy pain, does it make us feel more special in some twisted way?

I believe that in a way pain is good, now I know that might sound crazy but it makes us human, you cant feel for others, you cant empathise with ours, if you yourself haven't been to your level of rock bottom. It builds your character no? Every struggle, every heartbreak, everything you have seen, felt been through has created the person you are today, wether that is a good or bad person, so is pain so bad?