• justsomegirl

Our Inhumanity

Updated: May 6, 2020

At what point in history did humankind lose their humanity? At what point in society did we think it’s acceptable to see someone in pain and ignore it? To see someone in need of aid and not lend a helping hand? When did we become so terrified and ashamed of true emotions?

A few nights ago, I sat in the car with my father, watching a barely visible cherisher cat smile play upon the mountains in a pink sky, when I blatantly stated “when did we lose our humanity”, my father chuckled answering with his wise knowledgeable voice (which I normally ignore, as a teenager does) “There has always been war, men have always hunted and hurt other humans for their own gain. We are presumed to be the smartest animals on the planet, yet I can not think of a more pathetic and helpless creature than ours. I think the best type of society is when we were in tribes because at least we were never alone, yes there was tribe wars but they had a set of rules, helping to protect their humanity. No, as this world grows, as the population grows, our humanity shrinks, causing us to become more and more isolated than ever before. We are a messed up society who are losing the little humanity we already have”.

The worst part of this conversation though is that he was right, it is true we are losing our humanity, and it is terrifying.

See two weeks ago, I sat on a train watching a girl sob until she was shaking, all she got was looks, as if she was from another planet, all judging her for seemingly showing strong human and natural emotion. In a train filled with 40 people only one, myself got up to ask her if she was okay, naturally with my broken Spanish and a sobbing girl the conversation wasn't that deep, however by the end of it, she was half smiling…which was something.

I think we forget sometimes that being selfless and kind, actually is very beneficial. There is a chemical in our brains, called Serotonin, which is released to make us happy, it is what is used to help depression or to pop a pill and get as happy as a puppy on E. However helping people also realizes this feel happy drug in our brains, it makes us feel better to help others, so why is it so hard for us to do? Why if we are a selfish society, won’t we help someone when it helps us?

Maybe the issue is we all have different definitions of what makes us human, see for me having humanity is helping someone and being kind, yet maybe for others, it's not shooting them slowly and tormenting them, just a straight bang to the head, we all have different perceptions after all. That could be the issue with humanity and the lack of it, as our population grows maybe so does our ideas of humanity, or perhaps we are truly turning into the machines we adore, loosing slowly the aspects that make us human?

I decided this topic deserved more attention so I asked some of my friends; One girl said how we barely have any humanity, we are selfish creatures who only care about our own gain, no one else’s. Another boy told me how we are so self-absorbed with ourselves and our little life on that we don't care to think of anyone else, nor how they feel.

So if we realize we are losing our humanity, why don't we change it? Why are we now in such a ‘liberal’ time seemingly scared of the most liberal thing of all, emotion? We see celebrities have emotions and adore them for it, but every day people we shy away from? When did our inhumanity become the thing that made us human?