• justsomegirl

I'll do it later

Updated: May 6, 2020

So what is our problem? When in the world did doing something in your own best interest, become the biggest struggle of the day? I mean I remember when I was little, I did everything I wanted to do on time. Everything was new, fun and most of all exciting. And I did them. If I wanted to go to judo, I went to Judo. If I wanted to eat only fruit I ate only fruit. If I wanted to hit someone in the face, I hit someone in the face (don’t get me wrong, they’re adults that do that too, especially if vodka’s involved, it’s just not as common.)

Now, however, I need at least two coffee’s before I walk into school in the morning. Not only that but do you ever get the sense that you are walking in this large circle, that never seems to end? For example, for the last month, I have been promising myself that I would wake up at 6am, drink black coffee, do some meditation and work in the morning. All to help my mentality and my confidence. However not one morning this month have I actually done it. Somehow I always end up with a valid excuse why do it tomorrow, or worse I do it I just find the easiest a way around it. So when did doing something I wanted to do, for myself become so hard.

Isn't that the issue people are having now? We always find some Instagram post, or some dumb video, or something better do to, then actually doing something better for us?

I mean when was the last time, realistically, that you did everything you wanted to do in a day and didn't find some excuse. Don't get me wrong I have some of those days where I can do two months work in an hour, but others like this week, I can't seem to do anything, let alone work. I mean I am writing this article at 2:30 am so I can post it tomorrow, which is like 3 and a half hours away before I need to pretend that I am going to wake up. And see what is worse is I love this! I love writing, I love working on the blog, but I just could always find something better to do, like watching a video on 6 weight loss types with-ought doing anything really but drink a lot of water.

See this all got me thinking, what if as we grow up, we learn that we can't always have things now, or when we want them right? Sometimes we have to wait. So maybe that is what's making us such a society of procrastinators? Maybe we have gotten so used to waiting for things, that it’s okay to wait now, and its okay to put things off until we really really need to do it. I mean isn't that what we learned?

If not could the older generation be right, has social media, youtube, and Netflix, got us so caught up in this world of bloggers Insta models, and actresses, that we would prefer to escape from our reality finding refuge in theirs, is that why we procrastinate so much, cause maybe just maybe our life isn’t as real as the ones we see?

Or could we just be terrible at the time? I mean think about it, there is always time to do this, or time to say that. But in reality, there is barely any time, days go by with the blink of an eye, people leave, presidents change, personal statements come and go. We always think we have time to do something but never really do. I friend of mine, recently told me he lives in the moment if there's an opportunity he takes it and won't stress about the future issues. Could that be the trick to beating procrastination? Could living in the now mean we do things well now? Or are they completely unrelated? could we forever be doomed to saying we will do something that we never really do?