• justsomegirl

Have we Become too Sensitive?

Updated: May 6, 2020

One of the few positive things, our generation is known for is its sensitivity. In the 1970s, being gay or lesbian was considered a mental illness. In 1870, we believed that people of certain skin colours were smarter and more entitled than others.

Now, anything, and everything, that seems to provoke uncomfortable conversations is looked down upon, and instead of learning from our past you avoid it.

Christmas is coming, which I think is the most amazing time of year, as it gives me 1 month to eat what I want and not feel bad cause I'll go to the gym in the new year. Never happens. However, chaos has already erupted, and not over which icing to put on cookies.

In the USA Radio stations in Ohio, California, and Colorado and more, the song ‘Baby its closed outside’ was banned. Now, this was a song composed in 1944 for a man and his wife to sing to at parties. However now, due to the MeToo controversy, including the Bill Cosby scandals,(Which I am not saying are a bad thing), this household original Christmas song has been dragged through the dirt and taken off radio stations.

Yet we have rappers, and songs with lyrics such as, "It's alright, I'm dangerous / When you're mine, I'll be generous”, which is the least of many other songs, to the point where many discuss the murder of someone. “The genre of Regaton, Maroon5's 'Animals', Eminem…” my friend said was both rude or insisting violence towards women, when I asked why he simply shrugged his shoulders and just said ‘trust me’.

Yet a 1944 family Christmas song is what was cut from the radio.

I have been noticing this recently, people seem have become so sensitive towards some subjects but other, are just ignored. Like with this whole Christmas song disaster, I mean I feel like we have become so highly delicate to so many unimportant things. The people who complained were interpreting this song in a contemporary way, not looking at it with the viewpoint of someone from the 1940s. How do I know this? Because if they did they would not have been so utterly offended over nothing.

What has this world come to? We are I supposed to be free, righteous, protecting those who need it. Instead, we are concentrating our energy on small things, reading deeply into something that might not even be real. Forgetting about influences, culture, and context. All to rouse anger for those who crave it. We live in a society where the is not masses of people dying from hunger or simple infections. Though that's not enough, now if you don't support feminism you support patriarchy, if an old song or movie, offends a few people due to its older views, our older views, it is banded, hiding it from our sights. In America, books such as The Lord of the Flies, by William Golding. The Color Purple, by Alice Walker. To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, and Beloved, by Toni Morrison, to name a few are banned from all educational institutions. All because they are not appropriate for young minds.

Is it possible that we have become too sensitive to things, especially older ideologies? That we are no longer learning from History’s mistakes, but repeating them? Instead of finding a balance between what is fair and what is not, have we gone to the extreme? Does our society now see everything as something that needs fixing, or as a hidden insult? Why have we become so sensitive to things that don't matter, like an old Christmas song? Yet seemingly unfaised by things that do, like masses of refugees needing homes? Have we changed, have we actually grown from those smaller minded people we were 50 years ago, or have we just concentrated our small mindest somewhere else?