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Updated: May 6, 2020

Well New Years has come and gone, and looking back on 2018 for me wasn't the best. However it was truly a time for growth, learning a little about myself, as well as starting to truly focus on my goals. Naturally on my journey to growth one thing I did learn was the perfect hangover cures,( at least those that worked for me, as I spent the majority of my summer hungover.)

First of all, do keep drinking.

Yes I know when your heavy eyes open at 2pm after having relatively no sleep, the last thing on your mind is another drink, even looking at the stuff can make you want to throw up the small amount left in your gut. However the one thing that has truly helped me was a good Bloody Mary.

See, during summer after avoiding a hangover for about 5 days it finally hit on a Tuesday morning, in the 40 degree heat. Not nice. I had made plans to meet my friend at our favourite bar, but once i was there I could do little more than lift my head.

After slowly sipping the mixture of spices, tomato and vodka I was able to walk to my bus and feel relatively okay, even to the point of taking my sun glasses off.

The tomato juice, you see returns all the nutrients that were suffocated by that 6th tequila shot you took, and because of the vodka in the drink it will able to stay in your stomach which is already filled with alcohol.


Sleep, honestly wether its an hour or 15 minutes, Sleep . You need it. Your stomach needs it. Everyone needs it.

Water and lots of it.

The more water you can drink the better you will feel in general. The more water you surround yourself with the better you will feel. Summer in Mallorca is brutal, especially with a hangover, the blazing hot sun, and constant sweat is uncomfortable to say the least. However you can use this to your benefit. See, the more you sweat, the more toxins leave your body, so go to the beach. Lay in the sun, swim a little and you will feel so much better. More relaxed. Happier .

Vitamin C tablets...

Pump yourself, full of them, one, two, seven, the more the better. My friends suggested this to me recently and I didn't believe it. However after an extremely blurry night, those orange little tablets were the only thing holding me together. ( Do space them out though, I’m really NO doctor)

Hope this help, comment down bellow some of you're hangover go to x