• justsomegirl

Bring me Back to Barcelona

Updated: May 6, 2020

Recently I flew to Barcelona to visit a close friend of mine, I had been there earlier this year but only for two days, during which I was terribly homesick, and though enjoyed the time found it nothing ‘special’.

Moreover, for the first time in my entire life, I was excited to feel the engine roaring under me as the plain took flight since it meant getting off this Isla, in my opinion, broken dreams and ghosts, though it varies for everyone.

As I exited the airport you could already feel the energy busing all around, my friends met me at the airport to drive me back to the center with them. As we flew through the highway listening to what I gathered to be ‘drum and base, I soaked in the new surroundings. The lazy lit streets, wide ocean, and a maze of buildings gave me a sense of freedom that I thought I had lost.

Adult life does not seems easy, as fresh food seems to be exotic and cleaning is more of an option than a requirement, yet the apartment still had the Barcelona charm to it.

We hit the streets, sheltering our blue lips and shaking knees from the cold was more difficult than expected, yet it still couldn't temper my excitement. What I realized over the four days there, was that every street you turn, ever bar or shop you walk into, and every drink you have is somewhat different, somewhat each has its own unique charm, which I had never found in Mallorca.

We spent the night chatting, and in the most interesting club named ‘city hall’, though at first seemed like nothing special, however, when entered the 1950s deco, paired with the two levels of opposite music rooms and interesting people, this little club seemed more like a lost ecstasy then anything else. I spent most mornings exploring, and most evenings eating or dancing. Although I loved spending time with my friend and getting to meet all the people making her life in Barcelona so special, I still preferred the quiet mornings, alone, exploring hidden stores and streets, as well as getting terribly lost, it made me feel free. The restaurants were like nothing else, all different and unique, with eye-pleasing looks, and delicious foods. When people say it is the city of art, it does not do it even slightly do it justice, it was as if every corner of the city had been imagined by some artist, whether it be the hidden away record stores in the back alleyways, or the main street leading to the docs. All new, all exciting.

See I've always yearned for freedom, as a teenager does, but for me its always been something very important to have. And recently Majorca has been feeling less like a home, and more like a cage of responsibilities, and regrets. So having that heavy cloud of stress one feels lifted, is truly liberating no? I found it funny how just changing location somehow had given me more happiness then a delicious bar of chocolate, making me wonder if it is truly about location? Can maybe leaving even running away from somewhere you feel caged, liberate you and motivate you to make the changes you couldn't do before? Or is it just a repetitive cycle of avoidance? Are traveling and moving country somewhat like a good book or movie, just tools to escape into and lose yourself between pages and streets? When people say somewhere is haunted maybe it is? Maybe memories cling to a place, as we cling to memories. Or maybe we're all just looking for our own Barcelona, and somewhere we can truly be free?