• justsomegirl

24 Hours in Paris on a Budget

I am one of those people who when they go travelling, do not make a plan, I never really have any idea where to go, so normally I just walk around until I find something that looks remotely interesting. Though at times I must admit that my strategy does not work, for the most part I have seen and learned a lot from my spontaneous and in all honesty undecided tactic.

Recently, my family and I went to DisneyLand for a weekend, and during that trip, my younger sister and I got to go and wander the streets of Paris. We hadn’t been back to France since we lived here and it was incredible being able to revisit the country of our childhood, we saw so much and had an unforgettable time, so I thought I would compile a list of the few budget-friendly places we went to in Paris:

Le Perruche de Saint Laurent Printemps,

Now I know what you must be thinking, how can a breathtaking restaurant ontop of some of the most exclusive High-end designer Boutiques in the centre of Paris be cheap? Well, it is not, and is normally private however on the second to last floor there is a smaller restaurant that has a terrace, which still provides you with the same breathtaking view of Paris and offers Cappuccinos for about 3 euros making this the perfect spot to stop and soak in the romantic scenery of Paris. It is by far my favourite place and highly recommended, it is also right beside Galleries Layeffet which is a beautiful building and an amazing place to browse through designer goods, even if you are only looking.

Boulevard Montmartre

So I couldn't decide because this street has so much to see, between vintage stores, coffee shops and so many more hidden spots , it is the perfect place to go exploring on a budget. My sister and I spent way too much time lost between clothing racks in original Paris Vintage boutiques, although we did not buy anything in the end we still enjoyed seeing the different fashion choices Paris offered. Ending the tour around Montmartre, we sat at a quintessential Parisian Coffee Shop with Soda and Wine, watching as people passed by.

Have some french delights beside The Notre Dame

One of the most highly recommended Boulengeries in Paris, is that of Du Pain et des Idées a small yet authentic Bakery that still uses it's the original recipe from more than 100 years ago. It is only a 15-minute walk from the Notre Dame, which is surrounded by the Port de Monteboll, a lovely place to stop and have a picnic .

A perfect option is, after visiting the Boulangerie, taking your patisserie down beside the river and watching the boats float by Notre Dame, soaking up the French atmosphere, and then if you can explore the shops and painting stalls along the Port de Monteboll itself.

Le Marche Des Enfant Rouges and le Tour d’Eiffle

Finally, another option for enjoying an authentic French experience of Paris, is instead of going to a fine dining restaurant, head to Le Marches des Enfant Rouges a street market of sortes with lots of different and affordable French cuisine. With everything form hot to cold food, at Le Marche de Enfant Rouge you will really be able to get a taste of orignial Parisian cuisine. After picking up a few of your favourite thing, such as olives, bread, cheese and a bottle of white wine you can then head to the gradens surrounding the famous Eiffel Tower, set up a picnic and watch the world go by as the sunsets over another Parisian day.

Paris is an incredible city one that I will always hold dear as it is rich with art history and culture making it near to impossible to chose what to do in a day and in all honesty, if I was to go back tomorrow I would probably spend all day in different Art Galleries but that is the beauty of it there is always something new to experience and taste!