Just Some Girl is a lifestyle blog that discuss anything and everything, attempting to challenge everyday norms by talking about real topics honestly.


With everything from Lifestyle Hacks, to Travel advice, even Articles that debate and question every day issues, Just Some Girl tackles how to make the best of life.


My name is Zarina Dempsey, I am currently the creator and only writer for Just Some Girl. I started this blog two years ago, because at that point I had nothing really going for me and figured I might as well do something I loved and try to make the best of a bad situation.

Though for awhile I was posting regularly and slowly growing my audience unfortunately life got in the way. Now, however, with all the time in the world I decided to relaunch my blog with a new look and new focus.


Though my main love is writing articles, people need more and as a 19 year old who barely has their life together I figured that I might share my stories and my tricks that have picked up to making the best out of bad situations.

With ideas for holidays, the honest truth about cooking and questioning humanity as a whole, Just Some Girl is a platform to help people improve their lives.

I am currently looking for more like minded individuals that would be interested in being part of Just Some Girl, wether it be by writing articles or ideas of how to improve, don't hesitate to contact me!